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Based in Neelam Nagar in Mulund (East), Mumbai, Gopal Tekwani is a gifted clairvoyant. More familiarly known as “Guruji” or “Gopal Sai”, Tekwani is a big devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba and claims to have a sixth sense. He had sensed Rajiv Gandhi’s assasination and the separation of Raj Thackeray from Shiv Sena. Gopal Sai has been a treasurer of the Bombay Pradesh Youth Congress Committee during 1985 and has made innumerable accurate predictions. Believe it or not, but Tekwaniji claims that he can see your past and predict almost about your future.

It all started in 1966 with his first divine experience with Shri Sai Baba. He was just twelve years old then. Visiting the Shirdi Samadhi temple brought divinely pleasant vibrations in his entire body. After a few days, on Shivratri, he was playing cricket, just like any other kid would, when he suddenly saw images of his cousin in Ahmedabad drowning in the Sabarmati river. No one would believe him until two hours later the family got a call from Ahmedabad to come for the last rites of his cousin. Tewaniji went ahead with the predictions thereafter. For the next 15 years, his family questioned every prediction he made, but it settled down as more and more people started believing in him. His clients include established film stars, upcoming actors and politicians, whom he doesn’t name. But he has never restricted his powers for only the rich and famous.

Guruji says that these predictions are based on the sound and light vibrations that he senses when he meets or talks to a person. The sixth sense basically depends on the vibrations from the sunlight, moonlight and air. Whenever he sees a person or talks in person or on telephone, it is these vibrations from the air which travel from the person to Guruji’s heart and he is then able to connect with the person. He has spoken to and made predictions for over 60,000 people over the phone itself during year 1998 to 2000.

While still a child, Guruji had predicted his father’s problem with CBI in 1970 and had also said that he will be let out in 1974. He had the intuition of Pakistan’s bombarding on India in 1970. He started working with Gurudas Kamath for NSUI in 1973 till 1978. During those days he met a young boy of around 17 years old but could see that he had a life of only 38 to 40 years and would be killed by police. He alerted the boy accordingly. Later this boy became active in various underworld acts and was killed in a police encounter. His name was Suresh Manchekar. During these years, Guruji was actively involved in the activities of Youth Congress. He then went abroad for business from 1978 to 1980. He became the treasurer for Youth Congress in 1985 and stayed in politics until 1996.

In 1998, he spoke with a Dombivli-based girl over the phone and saw that she would try committing suicide after a heart break but would come alive out of it. This came true and the girl later did try committing suicide but sustained it. Today she is settled and works as an higher position in state government. Impressed by this prediction, this girl passed on Guruji’s phone number to numerous other people. By then, Guruji had also decided to relieve himself from politics and devote his entire time and life to helping people in need. He started a professional consultancy in 2003 at his residence in Mulund East and has been working for the needy people till date.

He met Shivsena chief Bal Thakeray in 1992 and is very much impressed by his activities. He says that Bal Thackeray is “Simply Great”. Guruji is a firm believer in Shirdi Sai Baba and feels that he can reach and help every human being on the earth with His grace and guidance. He also respects and appreciates the work of Shri. Aniruddha Bapu. He has a strong desire to write a book on his divine experiences. Guruji will continue his divine work for the next thirteen years. He is very much obliged towards his wife and children who have always stood beside him in thick and thin. Gopal Tekwani is a very down-to-earth person and will keep leading innumerable people with his divine sixth sense.

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