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Birthday Forecast
Birthday Forecast of the Week (18th - 24th Jan)
18th Jan
You will have a strong support from planet Mars & anybody in the business of Land revenue and connected with construction or even in police, army will be successful. This year is excellent for you. You may get partner in this year if you are single.

19th Jan
You have quality of leadership. This year is good for the leaders, it’s not about political leadership, its about quality of leadership. This means sales team, coordination teams, any individual involved in sales work will have better results. Beware on speed on bike & 4 wheeler.

20th Jan
The peculiar vibes of my intuitive power says, you are excellent executive, who can carry his or her job. At job place, work very earnestly. This year bring you new chances of the jobs.

21st Jan
The best powerful date. Best Blessing of Jupiter or Guru, you will have support from your subordinates & your coordination team. You will reach Heights but be very careful about communication (Vaani Dosh)

22nd Jan
Beware don’t rub law on the wrong side. Chances are, you may face situations which leads to legalities! Please avoid extra marital flings, you may get caught.

23rd Jan
Avoid outside junk food, you may get health issues particularly the digestive track! Drink warm water & be careful when you take dairy products.

24th Jan
A peculiar intuitive vibes said, this is a time mend your relationships & ties with friends. A good news related to your job is waiting. Have faith in lord. Please try to avoid unnecessary arguments as it may lead to sourness in relationship

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