Birthday Forecast

Year 2020

  • Aug 2020 This is about children born in Aug 2020. They are professionals, aggressive, smart, make hasty decisions, changes jobs, fast moving, well educated, choose competitive fields, fine arts, films, law. Intelligent and hard working children.

  • Sept 2020 Children born in this month will be average students. Will have failed love affairs, foreign careers, IT and government jobs, historians, teachers, business related activities and even have lot of negativity due to struggle in careers and their younger days being very tough

  • Children born in 2020 will actively participate in debates, elocutions, political debates, dance and drama. They will be seen in acting profession, as artists and private jobs. They will be musicians and also into IT, Electronics fields

  • Oct 2020 Children born between 10th and 21st of October reflect high acting skills but may not become successful as great actors

  • Nov 2020 Children born in Nov 2020 will be religious, have career in medicine, politics and also interested in Astrology. We call them Gurubhagats. They have bit different style of mindset, have fearful nature and devoted towards god

  • Dec 2020 Children born in Dec 2020 – Rulers, riders, creative, politicians, lawyers, judges, rural leaders, friends, like travelling alone and good personality. They will get money, prosperity, hard working nature, policy makers, teachers, gurus, economists. Most of the best professionals will be born in Dec 2020

Year 2021

  • Jan 2021 Strong will power, highly educated, steady and positive thinking, settled in life, self-made people, healthcare workers, leaders

  • Feb 2021 Adamant, clear conscious, hard working, workaholics, adventurous careers, fine arts careers, businesses and govt jobs

  • Mar 2021 Charismatic personality, studious nature, yet interested in dance, drama, music, business of higher standard, actors of higher level, musicians of top level, people with devotion to lord. Mar 2021 is another marking period

  • Apr 2021 Strong will power, determination, success in commercial fields like banking, auditing, taxation, laws and finance. They will be excellent in life goals and output results. They will be workaholics but very careless about personal hygiene and health. Adamant regarding the part they want to play in life

  • May 2021 Excellent debaters, orators, target oriented but very less lucky in choosing life partners. They usually go through bad financial phase and overcome it. Success in career can be only after the age of 30

  • Jun 2021 Total professionalism, they never give up, politicians, medical field professionals and they are best among all. Best of quality. They are mean, determined, love their goals and they succeed in it

  • July 2021 Typical actors, artists, professionals in ????. Ye kaun chitrakar se leke technical, non-technical fields, peculiar brand of children who are very sharp, have wit and humour and are intelligent. They are wonderful children. They show their clarity when in debates