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Past Predictions
Following incidences reveal the clairvoyant powers of Shri. Gopal Tekwani.
  1. In 1966, when Guruji was just a child, and was playing cricket, suddenly saw a picture of his cousin in Ahmedabad drowning in the Sabarmati river. Two hours later, their family received a call from Ahmedabad breaking the sad news that his cousin had indeed died from drowning in the Sabarmati river.
  2. In 1970, while they were staying at Vishakapattanam, Gopal Sai got the vision as though his father, who was a senior officer with the Food Corporation of India, was trapped by CBI for graft charges by six men who came in a black car. In 24 hours from this incidence, his father was suspened. However, Gopalji had also predicted that his father would be let out free with no charges against him. His father was released from the charges later in 1974. He won the case.
  3. Gopal Tekwani predicted in 1966 that Mr. Dhawan, who was an officer with FCI and had a 42 year old wife and 18 year old daughter, would bear a child in a year. Accordingly, Mrs. Dhawan delivered a baby boy in 1967.
  4. In the December of 1970, the Pakistani Naval ship sank in Vishakhapattanam and Pakistan bombarded five places in India. Tekwani ji has sensed this attack 24 hours before it happened.
  5. Gopal ji predicted that his elder brother Mr. D. S. Tekwani, who worked with Indian Oil would eventually quit his job to join a well know businessman (Abdul Latif Galdari) in Dubai. This came to be true. However, Gopal ji also sensed that later on in 1988, his brother would have to suddenly leave Dubai along with his wife and children. This 12 year prediction about his brother’s life turned out to be true.
  6. On 28th December, 1979, Guruji saw an Air India flight burning and crashing down near Bandra. He immediately cancelled his air-journey to Dubai scheduled on 1st January 1980 and unfortunately this particular air plane crashed down.
  7. While he visited a Sai Mandir in Panvel, Gopal ji had visualization at around 4 a.m. and saw Dr. Saeeda Khatun (Karim Nagar, Andhra Pradesh). He saw the view of Kaba and Mansuri Masjid and predicted that Dr. Khatun will be blessed with a boy. This turned true in a year’s time.
  8. A 17 year girl from a reputed family in Mumbai suddenly disappeared. At this time, Gopal ji was in Mimbai. He saw images of a building and Ajmal Khan road in Delhi and eventually this girl’s relatives found her at this same place in Delhi.
  9. A boy in from Tambe Nagar in Mulund (West), frustrated with debts, ran away from home and was later found in Delhi, as predicted by Gopal Tekwani. This boy then returned to his home in Mulund (West).
  10. His prediction about a Bandra-based girl, that she would get married in 24 hours and would eventually leave for abroad, turned out to be true.
  11. In 1998, he spoke with a Dombivli-based girl over the phone and saw that she would try committing suicide after a heart break but would come alive out of it. This came true and the girl later did try committing suicide but sustained it. Today she is settled and works as an officer in Mantralaya.
  12. Guruji had also predicted that his nephew would stand first in Mumbai board and eight in state board in the S.S.C. exams.
Latest Predictions
  1. India will be next super natural power in the world
  2. No World End after 2012
  3. Current CM will solve the Power & water problem of Maharashtra
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