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Krishnna Natarajan, Mumbai
Blessed to have got guidance from you at critical moments in the past. You had predicted a bright future for me in the World of Music in 1995 itself when I was a college student.

S.S, Mumbai
I met Guruji through a friend who had benefitted a lot from him. Guruji very patiently gave me certain predictions and blessings for the future . He is very kind and humble. After I met him I called him a few times again for certain queries and guidance and he patiently answerd those. I am waiting for future to unfold and with his blessings to get my desires fulfilled.
Thanku Guruji..

Pals Murugesan
I met Guruji in the year 2004. Whatever he predicted about my career turns perfect.. Thanks again for your time and advise.

Mr. Eknath Pote, Pune
Whenever I face any problem I contact Guruji without a second thought and when I meet him I feel there is no problem for which I was so much worried. I’ve benefited a lot after consulting him over last 5 year, so also my whole family has a lot of faith in Gutuji and follow all his advices.

Aarti Oriya
Gopal Tekwani Guruji is a God sent angel in my life. he guided path of my life like a light house which directs the ship while sailing in the sea. we met around 15 years back and he had given me dates saying that beta this is a turning point of your life and your life is going to change and exactly during those days my life really changed i started taking more interest in spirituality, I found my spiritual master and today i am very happy in my life. when my life was taking that turn i was not bewildered by the changes as Guruji had already told me about it. i met him again few days back with my daughter he guided us so well and gave a peace to a mother's heart. Our scriptures says that humility is the quality which lord loves, Guruji is so humble so simple and pure hearted person that's why he is so near and dear to the lord.
your's truly
Patil Family, Mumbai
Tekwaniji once predicted that our daughter’s fiancé name will be Anand & they will live happy. That time there was no person in her life nor was she aware any person named Anand. But after few years, we were amazed when that prediction came true.

Mrs. Sita Ahuja, Agra.
I met Guruji through one of my close friend. At first I was skeptical about his prophecy of predicting future without kundali, numerology or any other standard way of astrology. But to my surprise Guruji predicted my past perfect by just touching my hand & chatting with me for just 5 minutes. He is extra-ordinary may be god gifted ability. His predictions are miracle. I strongly recommend to consult him with full privacy. He not only gives the solution to the problem but also guide with proper remedies.

Pratima Naik - Nagpur
As you had predicted 1 year back, opt the job offer which I was denying due to less money, turns great to me. In just 1 years my profile & salary changed a lot even I travelled abroad. Also I met my life partner in this company. We are going to get married soon Thank you Guruji.

Madhvi Singh
Om Sai Ram
When, by God's grace, I had the great fortune to know about Guruji, I had been facing hardships over a prolonged period of thirty years. I am a single parent and my children and I have faced negative relatives, poor health, financial difficulties and even black magic over the years. Two months back my daughter, who is in college, was facing academic difficulties and health issues. In desperation, I called Guruji. Just by knowing her name and date of birth, Guruji told me everything about her- certain facts that were not known to anyone except me. His kindness and compassion put all my worries to rest. He listened to me patiently when I also asked him about my son and myself.
Guruji asked me to do a simple puja for two and a half months. After I started the puja, I felt peaceful and fearless. My daughter's health stabilized and solutions to my problems started emerging.
I finished the Puja and then spoke to Guruji to thank him and tell him my experiences. He gave me further guidance and his kind blessings. I cannot thank him enough for his genuine concern and kindness. After years I am feeling certain that all will soon be well.
Guruji and Guru Ma are as kind and loving as parents tend to be towards their children. I pray to God for their good health and well being and thank God for sending people like them into this world to do His good work and give relief to so many like me.
Thank you very much Guruji.
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